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Drone Agriculture

Van’s Equipment now offers Drones for rent.  We can provide the drone equipment with or without a certified pilot.  Contact us for more information.

Our Drones include:

  • Sense And Avoid
    • Avoids obstacles safely in real time, while maintaining data quality
  • Automated Surface Tracking
    • Site analysis that can easily measure cut and fill, slope
    • Identifies and tracks your building’s surface for closer, higher quality data capture
  • Industrial Grade – Safe and Fast
    • Detects obstacles from cranes to wires in rigorous conditions and high speeds, for safer flight.
    • Senses obstacles at 50 KM/h, for effective and fast data capture between obstacles
    • ActiveTrack makes tracking a moving subject as effortless as a few taps.  Otherwise known as Follow-Me.

Drone Update

If you are considering drones for your farm, contact us and let’s talk and see how we can work together to both save you time and money.

Kevin Moore, CEO
Van’s Equipment Co.